DAMDI Publishing House established on 2002 year.


We have mainly published the books on
architecture, Interior, landscape architecture,
public design,
and urban planning.


It has cherished the philosophy of publishing quality books
and making the world richer,
while targeting architectural book markets around the world.






Special Issue cover contents on architecture, Interior design,furniture, landscape architecture, public design, and urban planning. These are being published as volumes about conceptual diagrams and sketch, designing programs, panels and boards layout, portfolios, architectural models lead to design, a case study of remodeling, advanced architecture and interior and public design, body scape, and more great issue.




DD (Design Document) Series, a form of Mook magazine, is a monograph of young architects all over the world. Architecture is now a multinational field of study, and this series provides a channel of communication between young architects across the world who desire to share architectural knowledge. The series carry a list of experimental architectural works which represent the philosophy and know-how of architecture and all the brilliant ideas of young architects. The book also gives a general glimpse of recent architectural trends among the world young architects.




Landscape Architecture Design Series covers the designing philosophy of architects, their sketches, blueprints, diagrams, pictures, CG, and so forth. It will show you the modern trend of landscape architecture, from which you can gain abundant ideas.




It also published “The Travel of Korea’s Cultural Relics,” with a view to help inherit Korea’s traditional architecture anew by studying the historic meaning of old Korean architecture.


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