Advanced Interior Design


267 Projects with 64 design teams
Total 1072 pages with 3 books, each 368, 336, 368 pages
228x290mm Hard Cover All Color
English / Korean
ISBN 978-89-91111-50-9


Advanced Interior Design-v1
volume 1
retail / restaurant
flagship store, boutique, shop for bag and shoes, fashion store, flower shop, optician’s shop, bookstore, hair salon, beauty shop, dental clinic, oriental clinic, health care shop, open kitchen restaurant, local food restaurant, fastfood place, pizza shop, cafe, desert cafe, cafeterica, restaurant, wine bar, dining bar, minibar, club
designers’ story


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Advanced Interior Design-v2

home & public
exhibition / home / public & office
design of exhibition space, research, exhibition of interior detail, gallery, biennale, stand of hair, booth for event, stage set, residence, loft, penthouse, condominiums, club house, terrace house, villar, apartment, hotel, display home, working place, studio, office lounge, education center, school, university hall, study room, museum, gallery, community center, music center, vip center at the airport, amenity, shelter for women, religion space

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Advanced Interior Design-v3
volume 3
furniture / pattern & facade
bookcase, chait, table, office furniture system, armchair, ticket box, shelves, storage box, furniture of display, stand, lightings, expermental furniture, mobile, installation, wall and wall prototype, bowl and vase, interior pattern detailceiling, wall, floor, door, structure, plan pattern, facade design and pattern
profile & index

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