An ATLAS of Imagination

An ATLAS of Imagination

• Architects: Luca Galofaro
• Over 197 illustration in color
• 152 225mm, printed in all color
• 360pages
• Softcover
• English / Korean
• 978-89-6801-037-8
• October 2015

상상력을 북돋워주는 건축몽타주

이 책은 이탈리아 건축가 루카 갈로파로(Luca Galofaro)가 그리고 썼다. 이 건축가는 이미 우리 출판사에서 DD시리즈 8번 모노그라프도 출판한 바 있다. 서울과 로마에서 서로 만나 교류하는 중에 건축몽타주 이야기가 나왔다. 우리가 흥미를 보였더니, 그 동안 작업한 콜라주 197개와 짧은 글 그리고 다른 유명인들의 인용 글을 보내왔다. 이 건축가는 책 편집레이아웃에도 적극적인 관심을 보여 서로 의논하면서 책을 출판할 수 있었다. 말 그대로 건축가와 편집자가 책의 몽타주를 함께 완성해본 즐거운 작업이었다.

건축몽타주는 우리가 책을 읽듯 이미지를 읽고 그 이미지들에 건축가의 생각을 덧입혀 새로운 의미를 구축하는 작업이다. 이미지를 읽는다는 것은 대상 이미지로 걸어 들어가 보는 행위다. 아직 의미가 부여되지 않은 세상의 수많은 이미지와 이미지 사이의 공간으로 들어가 상상력을 부여해 보는 작업이다. 이미지에 새로운 가치를 부여하여 상상력을 북돋워주는 행위가 건축몽타주다. 이는 글과 마찬가지로 건축이미지에 있어서 건축가만이 할 수 있는 서술행위다.

이 책 속의 몽타주와 몽타주 사이를 오가다 보면 건축의 연대감을 진하게 느낄 수 있을 것이다. 곧 이어 자신의 마음속에 있는 당신만의 이미지와 교감이 이루어짐을 느낄 수 있을 것이다. 동시에 당신만의 시각이 열리면서 당신만의 몽타주가 그려지고, 그 몽타주가 당신의 건축 작품 속으로 바삐 걸어 들어가는 황홀한 이미지여행을 경험할 수 있을 것이다.

Montage is the art that is capable of making the image dialectic.

 Assembling images as I do in my work does not mean assimilating them to fit them into a logical narrative plot, but juxtaposing single fragments, conserving their multiplicity, partiality and impurities to make their combination or repetition generate an interference with or a reaction to my imagination, opening up new possible relationships and knowledge.Montage thus produces an imagination that is an integral part of knowledge.

The images are not sufficient on their own, they are always juxtaposed or, more precisely, collided with short phrases taken from the books of the time, words to read in order to amplify the effect of the image, not to assert a truth but to trigger a visual moment of awareness. It is only through this dialectic restitution that the image can take on a new legibility.

Didi-Huberman says that our era is one of lacerated imagination; every day we are surrounded by a mass of images: clichés, stereotypes, repetitive pictures, images already seen that impact each moment and literally suffocate us. It is a world orientated towards viewing taken to extremes, which in the end shows us nothing. All this creates an inurement that makes us consider images not very important from a cognitive standpoint, as mere representations, reproductions of external reality. When heterogeneous archived images are collided with each other, juxtaposed to form a mnestic atlas that avoids any project of sequential order, a new image is produced that takes on a new meaning.

In a certain sense it is the attempt to construct an atlas of one’s own imagination, whose reference point is Warburg’s Mnemosyne Atlas, but with the difference that the images juxtaposed in this Atlas have first been manipulated and personalized through an operation of assimilation.

The dialectical method of montage through the juxtaposition of different materials brings out instantaneous connections of meaning and new temporalities. Every montage has to do with memory, which is not the conscious memory of our recollections, but the unconscious, deep and over-determined memory that suddenly surfaces

when we come across something that interests us.To talk about an ethic of the images therefore means talking about a politics of survivals that dialectically leads back to the past to act in the present and open to the future.In images the past does not stop reconfiguring itself and intertwining itself with the present and with future projections, thus making the history of images complex, open, disoriented

Standing before the image means being faced with a complex time. This is why we need to open our thought to new models of temporality capable of doing justice to the anachronisms and vital forces at work in images.


luca galofaro
루카 갈로파로 (Luca Galofaro) / 이탈리아 건축가

Luca Galofaro is an architect and educator, professor at Confl uence School of Architecture in Lyon. Was a founder member of the fi rm IaN+, visiting professor at the Bartlett school of Architecture and at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. He obtained the Master degree on Spatial Science at the International Space University, UHA.

He is author of several books published by Bruno Zevi´s series of Universale d’Architettura and he is the authors of Artscapes (Gustavo Gili Barcellona 2003 \ Postmedia Milano 2006), Aristide Antonas (Libria 2014)

With Ian+ he got several prize and the gold medal for the Italian architecture in 2006. His research around architecture is made not just by architectural projects. But through different research tools: Two blogs, and, a new space gallery in Rome, Campo, and an indipendent magazine Divisare that will be published on March 2016.

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